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Embrace Today By: K. Wilhelmina Floria

Tears of happiness shall fall,
listen close for your destination call.

A river of tranquility flows through life.

Ride out the eye of the storm, pass the strife.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me Verse Lupus: When love was innocent, sorta.

Me Verse Lupus: When love was innocent, sorta.: "It is 2:30 am and I am up and out of bed. Yes I'm tired, but can't sleep. That damn anxiety, I have to go get my medication today, Access-A..."


  1. I can truly empathize with you having lupus. I myself am a lupus patient, and have been battling this unpredictable, tiring, horrible disease for 15 yrs which is half my life. I've been on 3 different types of lupus medication the most current being Cell Cept which has kept my lupus inactive for 4 yrs. However, I did experience a severe flare which had me near death, literally! So, I know how you feel with the joint pain, loss of appetite, no energy and all those other symptoms. I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers. God Bless!!

  2. I have lupus as well -- know exactly how you feel. Every chance I get, I pass out Christine's "Spoon Theory," since that explains it so well.

    You go, girl!!! You rock!


  3. I am so excited that I found your blog. I have been looking for one like yours, people who understand what lupus is. My partner has been very, very good to me but she doesn't understand that I can't always push myself to do things. Just pushing to get to work every night is about all I can do some days. Thank you so much for writing this. Keep going girl. I will check everyday.


Embrace today.