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Embrace Today By: K. Wilhelmina Floria

Tears of happiness shall fall,
listen close for your destination call.

A river of tranquility flows through life.

Ride out the eye of the storm, pass the strife.

Monday, November 1, 2010

This is what I've been up to.

Okay the people are all gone and the frig is full of food. Starch, mac & cheese, rice & peas, candie yams, stuffing, ham. Two pies, a pound cake and some red velvet cake.  It will be a few days before we finish it up.  When it's gone I will start this weight lost regiment. I am determined.

Tomorrow I go for the heart cauterization.  My mate is going with me, we are being picked up at 5:46 am. And the return pick up to home is at 4 pm.  I hope that I feel well enough to vote when we get back in the neighbor hood.

The dinner was Saturday. My mated family all showed up. As mention above the food was all good.  My oldest daughter showed up with her two children, my youngest daughter wouldn't come without her man so my other grandson wasn't there. My mate told me to tell her not to bring her man.  Other then that there was no drama.

My mates nephews' wife has pancaristitist, talking about there always being someone worst off then you.  She was in the hospital several times over the year and she still needs another surgery.  She has to watch what she eats very carefully and avoid all stress. Again I realize how bless I am listening to her health woes. My complaints are nothing, really.

The first photo is my right leg when the rash just started getting bad.

The second photo is my left leg as it is today, you can see the scars.  I used 'Palmers coco butter with vitamin E, the stiff one in the jar to fade the scaring.

The last picture is my right ankle as it looks today. My ankles broke out when I got sick in 2008. I didn't care about the scaring.

I had this rash on my leg before I left the projects and moved into the house.  I was using creams I got from the doctors and nothing was working. I always thought I had lupus but didn't know this was rash lupus. I only knew that I was affected by the sun, the only symptom I knew.  I recognized what my leg looks like now from the pictures of discoid lupus. This is the only picture I have of my leg, it  was over 17 years ago. Both legs had the rash in the same area. 

My home attendants told me that someone had put voodoo on me and had their family in Hatti, sending me all kinds of things to use on it.  I started rubbing it with leaves of Aloe Vera plants, and what that did was to cause pus to ooze out of them. I finally went to a doctor after I moved into my mothers' house.  I went to see my mothers' same doctor.  He sent me to the dermatologist.  He was the one who diagnosed me with a false positive syphilis. He saw two symptoms of lupus in me.  He knew my mother had lupus, but he still didn't have a clue. 

After the dermatologist tried different creams on me with no positive results she said she was going to do a biopsy but first she told me to try one more cream.  This one worked,  it has steroids in it,  so of course the rash began to go away.  She told me I had dermatitis.

 Doctors really need to be more aware of lupus.  I was about 34 then, I could of been monitored if one of the professionals had recognized lupus.  Actually I had three symptoms, I was allergic to sulfa. There's no telling if I would of stopped smoking, drinking and drugging but at least I would of known and the doctors would of known and could have treated me accordingly.  As I continue to tell my story I will tell the different symptoms I had. 

Mr. 23 years took care of me, he would cook, clean and wash clothes.  He would let me sleep all day.  Or let me lay down when I came in from work.  On Saturdays I would give the house a thorough cleaning.  Every room, kitchen, dinning room, living room, bathroom and my bed room. I would cook a big dinner on Sunday and shut down on Sunday night. I would push myself to go to work all week and at night would be too tired to do anything else.  We ate a lot of take out.

This just a glimpse. Details will follow in the days to come.  I'm tired I stayed in bed all day. I have my test tomorrow, I need to get something to eat then, shower and get some rest.  I have an appointment on Thursday and I'm thinking about going to Brooklyn to make posters for the Lupus walk on Sunday and on Monday I go to see the Rhuemotlogist.  I will try to do some posting in between.

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