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Embrace Today By: K. Wilhelmina Floria

Tears of happiness shall fall,
listen close for your destination call.

A river of tranquility flows through life.

Ride out the eye of the storm, pass the strife.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blame it on the lu lu lupus!

I'm not working on my weight.  My mate has her family here visiting from Florida, so she planned a big dinner on Saturday. There is too much food tempting me.  I don't have that kind of will power, yet.  So I'll resume on Monday.

Yesterday I had a not so good day.  I was a bit tired but pushed myself. After I wrote my blog I went to get breakfast, which was left over meat sauce and ziti with mozzarella cheese. I sat talking when that numbness in my mouth started and I became light headed and dizzy.  I drank water and tried to stay still.  My stomach was kind of queasy too. Around 3:30 pm Access-A-Ride picked me up for the seminar.

I arrived an hour early because I told  AAR I needed to be there at 5 pm in case they were late. The program didn't start until 6 pm. The dinner of sandwiches and salads was served.  After I ate, it was then that I started to feel better.  I spoke to the social workers to discuss a support group in Queens and volunteered to help with it. Brooklyn has a great Lupus group according to the women I became friendly with during these tours.  They have all kinds of programs going on to keep the Luppies busy.  That would be good for me to get out a couple of days a week, it'll give me a life.

Last night was the last stop on the SLE Lupus Foundation Hospital Tour.  They have been video taping since the beginning.  Last night they interviewed me.  I played modest, but confessed I would love to do it.  I don't know if they'll use my footage or not. If they do I will let you all know.

Of all the stops they made this was the one of most interest to me.  It was about the heart, the doctor they choose to do the seminar was no doubt an expert.  However, he would have done better had he been talking to his peers.  He gave us statistics and spoke in jargon that was unfamiliar to us laymen. I wanted to know what heart problems were common in lupus patients, why,  and how best to treating us.  He did tell us the common heart problems, the whys and the foods to avoid, stop smoking and exercise. The basics. He went over the allotted time and left no time for Q & A. I had to run out for AAR. I need to suggest to the foundation that they should include in the program what questions we should ask our doctors.  I think that would be very good information to know.

My friend and I walked the long corridor to the AAR bus stop, she lives in Brooklyn and we and two other women from the seminar ended up on the same bus.  WoooHoooo! I was dropped off first.  It was funny we were talking and I stopped and had us to introduce ourselves.  The driver laughed and said he thought we knew each other.

I have a gentleman that I've been communicating with on FB for a few days.  He says he's following my blog and that we know each other.  I feel so bad that I don't remember him.  He's on the up and up though, he knows things. He dropped names of my family, he knew about my aunt's house, in fact he called my aunt, aunt ___. He suggested I asked my cousins about him.  I did and I remember his father. Which reminded me of a story of my youth.  We use to go crabbing in the summer with my aunt and uncle.  We loved it, well I did.  I didn't even get deterred when I was pulling a crab basket up and the ground under my feet broke off and I fell in the creek with the damn muskrats in spitting distance. (I told yawl how I felt about hamsters, rats are worse.) Anyway I had to take my clothes off and sit in the station wagon under blankets while they continued to crab. Getting crabs was more important then my naked ass waiting in the car.

On this particular day a snapping turtle got caught in the crab basket.  We didn't have but a few crabs, but we had to cut our trip short because of this turtle.  I just told you how I sat naked for several hours while they continued to crab. But when they caught this turtle, my aunt and uncle got so excited that we had to hurry home. My new/old friend on FB, father was called to come over and cook that damn turtle.  I thought it was disgusting to eat a turtle. One by one my aunts friends started coming over to partake of the soup. They had a turtle soup party.  Me I was annoyed that we didn't catch  too many crabs.  I didn't eat the soup but my FB friend said he still has night mares of eating that nasty soup his father made him eat.

See I've had some happy times in my life. I'll share more of the drama soon.

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